Learning how to remove author information from your WordPress posts is an important part of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Why? Well, the author has sole control over the title, keywords, meta tags and other styling of their article. A bad choice of keyword could result in you losing valuable backlinks from the very people that might be reading or viewing your article. This means less traffic for you and more potential for those visiting your blog to find your website through another source.

how to remove author from wordpress post

Search engines are built upon the idea that all content, whether found on a website, in a blog post or any other content online, belongs to the author of that content. If you attempt to alter this rule, then search engines will not accept your content as valid. The only option available to you is to make changes that do not break any of the rules, but rather just change the author information displayed on the page. Here’s a little trick that I use on a regular basis when I have a problem.

First, I always check to see if the URL in my post is working. This is easy to do. Just right click on any link that points back to my site in my WordPress posts and look at the ‘Rel=Nolist’ section. If the value is present in the Nolist section then my link is working fine. If it’s not, then something is wrong.

The next step is to re-do my post by going in and changing all of the links. When I do this I find that the author resource box has all of my latest articles on it which contain my links. So, when I change the author resource box the link pointing to the article on the page is also changed. Search engines look for this author information whenever a page is indexed, even though the actual text in the article is not displayed in my results.

Now, this is assuming that I am using the default theme that the WordPress software comes with. Obviously, if my theme changes, my author information may not update properly in the database. So what happens when I want to know how to remove an author? I go into my “All In One SEO Plugin” directory and click on the “manage” icon.

Now here comes the tricky part. I need to enter my search keyword for the author into this section. Search engines like WordPress now allow search engines to enter “hidden” fields into the query. For example, I can enter “John Smith” instead of just” John”. So if I enter “John smith” into the search engine section, WordPress will automatically display John Smith as the author.

But how to remove the author from a post is only half the battle. Now I need to know how to remove spam from my site. You see, I have this whole dashboard system that monitors what my visitors to click on. If my visitors to go to a post that has no real content, WordPress will automatically hide it and thus prevent search engines from ranking it as highly as possible.

That’s why you see all those links in my navigation panel at the top of each page. Links are what I use to get search engines to lower my rank. WordPress provides a very clean interface for setting up these links. So I encourage you to take advantage of that functionality. Learning how to remove the author from a post is only half the battle.

Search engines tend to rank posts according to the number of times they appear in search results. So you want your post to show up for a lot of search engines. If it appears only a few times, then it’s not worth it. But you should aim for the number of times your post shows up in search results, more than 50, to get your post ranked higher. The title is the most important part of your title because it’s what the search engines will be looking at when trying to determine how relevant your post is.

So, how to remove the author from a post? The author name appears in the title. You can change the author name by selecting “alter authors” from your Dashboard and clicking the “New” button. Once you have chosen a different author name, you can input it into the “What are these authors?” drop down list.

Now that you know how to remove the author from a post, all you have to do is login to your WordPress site and click on “posts”. You will see a drop down list of your posts. Select “delete” from the drop down menu and click on the “Upload a Post” icon. Your post is now published and if you haven’t changed your author name, it will be listed as the original author. Hopefully, this article has helped you answer your question of “how to remove the author from WordPress”.


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