In every eCommerce platform, everyone knows that marketing bags the maximum award for bringing sales. But do you know that photography or an excellent array of photographs are also responsible for conversion rates? 

Well, yes! Images of a particular are the proof of its quality, type of service you are offering, ensures its highlighted features and your brand’s reputation. As a whole, good lifestyle photography supports your product and drive sales as well. 

Visuals (images) always give much satisfaction as well as a speedy message when compared just words. And thus, people learn and act faster when there is an image in front of them. As per observation, it has been seen that 90% of information sent to the brain is visual (and this includes quality photography). Thus, the company invest in experienced fashion photographers, lifestyle photography agency, etc. Let’s see the 4 major ways through which professional photography increases sales. 

1. ‘Real’ Images Reinforce Trust

Customers’ reaction to ‘real’ images is way faster. The illustration in lifestyle photography helps them to imagine the product in their life and how it is helping them. An original photo of your product is always a better option than a freshly bought stock photo because here your customer would know that you are conveying the truth and not misleading. Take time to invest in the right place of photographers. 

It would be ideal to use an experienced amateur or professional photographer. These are the artists that present your product in a way that can help you see those things or beauties that you have never seen there. 

2. Consistent Website Photography Builds Brand’s Design

Always stick to one style or two and carry that same enigma throughout the website because a constant change of photography style is easy to notice and doesn’t feel good. This is why many experts recommend avoiding stock photos, captured by different photographers who use many different styles. Choosing a style for all your website photos and sticking to it help to build your brand’s identity.

3. Image quality: Look For Its Size & Quality

Make sure you are using original captured or properly photoshoot images. Don’t use any photos taken from a smartphone or social websites (Facebook, Instagram etc.) as these websites often reduce and crop the original image, making its quality worse.

 4. Consider Specific Colour Palette To Reflect Your Brand 

It is utmost important to infuse brand colours in images. The echoing brand colour technique will help your customer to quickly identify your brand even in the crowd of thousand photos. It is a subtle way to reinforce branding. 


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